With Mother's Day approaching plenty are asking themselves, "What does Mom want?" As with most questions in the 21st century, answers abound online- we are pretty sure that most common recommendations would backfire.

Mom probably doesn't want:

  • Breakfast in bed ... followed by a sink full of dishes she'll have to wash herself the next day.
  • A vacuum or other housework-related tool, which suggests she should toil harder to keep the home tidy.
  • Flowers. We know you grabbed these at the last minute on your way home. Is that the best you can do for a woman who has endured nine months of pregnancy, 12 hours of labor, and three years of sleep deprivation to raise happy, healthy kids?

So for the sake of mothers everywhere, we've dug through a bunch of gift lists and found a few gems she'd actually enjoy receiving. Since we're real estate consultants, we'll skip the mani-pedi combos and focus on ideas that center on the home-isn't that where the heart is, anyway? Offer up these gifts and we guarantee you'll get a smile out of her.

A Housecleaner
Scrubbing the toilet is one of those tasks no one relishes doing, but it must get done, and more often than not, it's Mom who ends up holding the scrubber. So give her a break by booking someone else to do the dirty work.

Home Repairs
Romantic? No. But if Mom has been driving around with a dinged-up side mirror, or the garage light hasn't worked since 2006, it's time to get it done!

A Framed Family Photo or Photo Book
Seriously, most of us have a gazillion photos of our kids on our phone that we keep saying we'll print out and put into a frame for our desk or a book for our coffee table, but then that never happens. So, save her the legwork and do it for her.

Luxe Cooking Ingredients
Even if Mom isn't the cooking type, who doesn't like to eat? A few fancy ingredients can uplift a humble meal. Try a bottle of truffle oil or herb-infused vinegar.

A Clean Car
Sorry to get back to the cleaning thing, but it's one of those annoying chores that is so nice to have someone else take care of. Take Mom's car to the car wash then stop on the way home to fill up the tank!

A Day at Home-ALONE!
That's right, Mom loves her little munchkins, but what she wants most on Mother's Day is a day at home with zero distractions. So round up the kids, take them out for the afternoon, and let her bask in sweet solitude in the comfort of her own castle.

We hope that you take one of these suggestions and brighten Mom's day!